America-Bermuda Relations 1609–2009

FourCenturiesHigh on the list of Mr. Slayton’s accomplishments as General Counsel to Bermuda was the publication of the first book describing the four hundred year relationship between the US and Bermuda, Four Centuries of Friendship:  America-Bermuda Relations 1609-2009.”

Conceived and edited by his wife, Marina Slayton, the best seller is a compilation of essays written by many of Bermuda’s best historians.  The book has become a Bermuda best-seller – and 100% of proceeds from the first printing go to local Bermuda charity. The Library of Congress believes that it is the first complete historical summary of US-Bermuda relations written from an American perspective ever published.  The book also provided the images and materials for the “400 Years of Friendship Walls” the Slayton had erected at the American Consulate and the U.S. Preclearance facility at the airport. The “Friendship Walls” convey America and Bermuda’s long-lasting and mutually beneficial friendship for the hundreds of thousands of visitors that pass through the airport and the Consulate each year.

Four Centuries of Friendship is, according to the Library of Congress, the first book ever published on the US/Bermuda alliance from an American perspective. Containing chapters on famous Americans who loved Bermuda (from Mark Twain, Babe Ruth, Winslow Homer and Georgia O’Keefe to present day superstars such as Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones) the book is an intimate portrait of a partnership that has meant so much to both lands. Covering everything from the early days through the Revolutionary War to Bermuda’s key role in the allied victories in WWII and the Cold War, the book will be a touchstone for everyone
interested in US-Bermuda relations. And with chapters covering recent history — and a look at the potential future of the US/Bermuda alliance by US Consul General to Bermuda Gregory W. Slayton — Four Centuries of Friendship is a must-have for anyone interested in any aspect of US/Bermuda relations.

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This stunning new book celebrates the 400th Anniversary of the English founding of Bermuda with a detailed account of the Island’s friendship with its nearest neighbour and most important trading partner, the United States of America.

Many American artists, writers, politicians, scientists, sports stars, socialites and Hollywood celebrities have fallen in love with Bermuda.  From the late 1800’s the island cast its charms on famous visitors lured by Bermuda’s balmy climate, quaint beauty and privacy.  Among the rich and famous who came were Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain), Eugene O’Neill, Woodrow Wilson, E.B. White, Harpo Marx, Irving Berlin, Shirley Temple, Babe Ruth, John F. Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, Beyonce and Brooke Shields,  Some bought homes on the island, like New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and Hollywood’s Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas, whose mother is Bermudian.


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