• CEO/Venture Capitalist

    Slayton Capital was an early investor in Salesforce.com, Google, Oakley Networks and Bloom Energy – some of the more successful Silicon Valley companies of the past 20 years…

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  • Senior U.S. Diplomat

    Gregory Slayton was appointed by President George W. Bush as the United States Consul General and US Chief of Mission to Bermuda, a position he held for four years …

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  • Best-Selling Author

    To call Gregory Slayton’s life “full” would be an understatement. He spent much of his twenties helping people throughout the developing world. He was a Fulbright Scholar to Asia …

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  • Ivy League Professor

    The Honorable Gregory Winston Slayton is a former US Ambassador, successful Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, best-selling author and high tech CEO…who also loves teaching and loves China.

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